Monday, 12 December 2011


I very recently complained about my translucent skin.

Well this weekend I got on the extreme machine. 

And got me some serious sunburn. 

- Never a happy-medium - 

I was foolishly surprised about it too. 

Because it's a rare occasion - despite the eternal summer, a functional existence here involves running from a/c building to a/c car to a/c building. 

But Saturday was Rock the World, my own personal rock renaissance, which involved spending the day outside in a field. 

[no, i did not involve myself with any walls of death...]

And only in the car on the way home did the damage reveal itself….

Me: On no, look - I'm burnt.

Friend: It's ok, it's not that bad. Look at me! I've gone black!

Me: Huh..?

Friend: Oh it's so terrible, I'm like charcoal… :(

Me: Not really…

Friend: No, look at this (pulls back sleeve to reveal fairer skin), sooooo bad!

Me: Ok maybe a bit…but it's better than being red!

Friend: No, it's not. Red is interesting. 

Me: …what? No, isn't?!

Friend: It is, white people have such interesting skin, always changing colour…

Me: That's not a good thing?! This is not a normal skin colour!!!!!

Friend: Yeah, but it will fade really fast. I'll stay black for ages! And people look at me and think it's my natural colour. At least people know it's not your real colour. 



Fair point, I suppose…for the Asian fair-skin obsession, I see how this is a big deal. 

As for the other point, in countries with a lot of mat salleh, the burnt look is never good. Could it be true that Asian's judge it differently…as interesting…or in a more favourable light somehow..?


Later in the day...

Other friend: Claire, what happened? You look like a prawn!

[me? :( ]


No, then. 

I guess not. 


  1. Dear probably future teacher ( if youll be around probably by two three sems, ) i was introduced to your blog by seniors, i love your taste in humor i seriously seriously enjoy reading your blogs .... hahhaha "prawn" I remember this guy we used to call him fish cuz he looked like fish but prawn ..hmmm....

    anyways, im not the kind of 'read the article to the end guy' but your blogs I read them and enjoy very much keep up the gooood work ++++

  2. Dear probably future student, THANKS for your comment :)
    I'm always glad to hear someone enjoys my strange tales...please do keep reading and leaving me fan mail...haha...see you in the corridors...but do introduce yourself, ok?! Or we may have an awkward moment that ends up on this very blog....