Wednesday, 21 December 2011


I'm in England!!

My annual, festive trip to the motherland.

How festive.

Tell you what though. It's ABSOLUTELY FREEZING.

Well…not literally. But it feels like it.

So as I sit here typing, with my cold, wooden fingers, let me tell you about my flight...


This year I flew Emirates, instead of Air Asia.

First thing I noticed - TV in the back of the seat!


Second thing - headphones and pillow and blanket.


Looks like I didn't need to bring all those extra jumpers…


Later in the flight I was given a menu.

Yes. A menu.

Where I selected my food. And it was delicious.

[mmm, pumpkins...]

Also on the menu I noticed this; "All drinks served are complimentary with the exception of champagne (8USD)."

And I was like…ok. So free drink with your meal.


Your meal already comes with a drink.

Two, in fact.

But the drinks cart also comes separately, before that!

And after.

And you can request drinks at any further point during the flight.

Wah, such luxury!

And I'm talking drinks.

Having flown AirAsia so exclusively over the past few years, I'd completely forgotten that that's what flying used to be all about - free booze!

Flight Attendant: Any drinks for you madam?

Me: Mango juice please.

Flight Attendant: Would you like ice?

Me: …yes :)


Flight Attendant: Sir, for you?

Fellow Passenger: Hennessy.

Me: 0.0

Flight Attendant: With ice?

Fellow Passenger: Yes. [pause] And tomato juice.


Aside from that seeming to me a rather odd combination of drinks, I was amazed. He just got major booze for free.

And then he topped up with a small bottle of wine with dinner.


Amazed and somehow too shy to ask for any myself…

...maybe on the way back...


  1. Yeay! Welcome to the club! I have always flown Emirates although after a while, transiting in Dubai can be a pain in the already painful u-know-where! Yes, I love the fact that you may change your seat and meal selection anytime, on-line! And they are extremely merciful with access baggage! You pay more, but it removes ALL the anxiety of not knowing what could happen next! Their ICE (in-flight entertainment) is really SUPERB, kan? Oh well, have a nice COLD balik kampung! - AIA

  2. Thank u, thank u :P

    YA, i loved ICE rather a lot :))

    And having 30kg for "free" is already so exciting...