Thursday, 8 December 2011

Big-Size Daughter

I almost called this "Small Asians Part 2". 

Because this is a story about a girl who is not your typical "small asian". 

But I've had rather too many sequels recently…(a trend in the themes of life…interesting…)

Anyway, this post is a slight flashback. 

When funny stuff happens I either blog it…or write it down somewhere and lose it. 

Today, I discovered a lost gem!

It takes me back a few months to my friend's end-of-Raya open house…

[always about the food...]


At this kind of event the tables are so large, even with several friends, you're bound to wind up sitting with randoms. 

I was with only one friend. 

Randoms confirmed. 

It was a family. 

The mum and her smallish-boy were whispering and smiling from across the table (wants to say hi…but malu lah), the daughter was silent and embarrassed (you know the age…too young to be left behind, too old to wanna hang with the fam).

And then Dad, who made up for all the silence by talking about anything and everything with anyone. 

You know the type?

Just throws out any topic to engage you. 

We were the anyone. 

So at one point, his daughter went off to get more food. As she walked away:

Dad: My daughter - she is 14. Only 14 years old, you know? 

Me: [raised eyebrows, to convey surprise - "oh really?"]

Dad: But she is very big size. So she must marry a foreigner. 

Me: [my "listening nod" pauses halfway...also appropriate to keep eyebrows raised]

Dad: I hope English. They are so polite - [add attempt at English accent] "beg your pardon", "thank you very much"

Me: [frozen in wonder]

Very good then...

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