Friday, 16 December 2011

English Indecision

I have a chronic inability to make decisions. 


Actually, mainly when it comes to shopping. 

I just a very sensible shopper!

Unless I instantly love something, I will spend a long time deciding if it's worth buying, if I really want it, do I need this, should I really be spending this much money, I just bought that the other day etc, etc.

Recently I was browsing for shoes. 

Seller: Look, real leather (sets lighter to shoe)

Me: Oh…ok….(Necessary?)

After some browsing, I had a selection of 4 NICE shoes. And that meant decisions had to be made.

Thoughtful pause. 

Friend: Just get them!

Me: What?

Friend: Get them.

Me: What, all?

Friend: Yah, they're so nice!

Me: Cannot! I can't buy 4 shoes!?

Friend: Why not? They're all different! And so cheap. 

Me: :S

This simply does not compute - who needs 4 new pairs of shoes at the same time?

There's 2 sandals and 2 slippers. 

The smart thing to do is pick one of each. Right?

But it's really hard…because they're all so prettyyyyy…..sighhhh….

Much time passes. 

I can't decide.

Advice from nice Pakistani man selling shoes:

Seller: Not think too much. Not good for health.

Of course you'd say that. 

["lady! just buy the shoes!!']

Seller: Where are you from?

Me: ...England.

Seller: (knowing look) Ooh. That is why. England people think too much. 


Is that a fact.

If so, hurrah. It's not my fault after all!


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