Sunday, 26 June 2011

Small Asians

In Europe I am considered average height. At 5'7, perhaps slightly taller than average. But still normal. And I am the smallest person in my family (Ok, actually my mum is smaller than me but not by much...). 

In Asia, I am a giant. And after a few years here, people who I now consider to be really tall, are my height. And on the occasions I do encounter another mat salleh i think to myself…."huh…white people really are tall…"

I'm sure this is not a revelation to anyone. It's an observable fact that Asian people are small. But occasionally you run into someone who frames these simple facts in completely new ways for you...

Friend: "What is your weight?"

Me: "What? Why?"

Friend: "I have a guess in mind, but I want to make sure."

Me: [skeptical face] "What's your guess?"

Friend: "I guess 73kg" 

Me: "Wow, that's really specific"

Friend: "Yeah, 73, am I right?"

Me: "Um…I don't know…maybe around that?" **

Friend: "Ooh. You weigh a lot more than me then. That is a problem, because in case of emergency I cannot carry you."


In case of emergency? Hahahaha.... Who thinks about that? (Do people think about that..?)

** Note: I'm convinced that this is at least 10kg above my real weight…but am lacking scales to prove the accuracy of this claim… :P

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