Thursday, 10 November 2011

Holiday Baking

Bananas in this country go bad so fast. 

It's like…as soon as you bring them into the house, they turn brown.

I find this quite sad. 

But being from England, a country basically made of cake, I know a trick. 

Brown bananas are perfect for baking. 


So with my day off and brown bananas in hand, there was no other option : cake making time. 


Now I'm not a pro. But I can handle the basics pretty well. 

1. Add butter and sugar.
I just bought butter the day before. And I even left it out so it was soft. Genius. Caster sugar running low…actually, not enough. Rummage. Find a small jam jar with more! Hurrah, so prepared! Mix together.

2. Add eggs. 
Also bought yesterday. 

3. Add flour. 
At this point I will include the fact that my weighing scales are so cheap, I'm really not sure how accurate they are…but I've made this cake SO many times, I'm quite confident I know what it should look like at each step. And I must say, it's looking rather good at this point. 

[yum! though is perhaps more accurate than brown...]

Better than usual, I'm surprised by my own skills. 

*proud face*

And this is basically it, done. 

All you have to do now is add anything else you want - bananas, chocolate chips, nuts…etc, and then put in the oven. 


But you know that cake mix tastes better than the actual cake, right?

And even of you're a pro, you gotta test it just to make sure it tastes better than it looks. 

So I did. 

…but it tasted a bit weird…

…not like a cake…

…not sweet…

…in fact, disgusting, what went wrong???

*gag, gag, spitting in sink!!!!!*


The jam jar of sugar. 

Not sugar. 


Half of the sugar was actually salt. 

Even animals wouldn't eat that. 


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