Thursday, 17 November 2011

Awkward Goodbyes

Note: This post is potentially controversial…maybe I shouldn't write these things down….meh! It was funny!

The Hello. 

And The Goodbye. 

With people you know, these daily interactions are relatively painless. 

With people you don't know, they can sit anywhere on the sliding scale between slightly awkward and horrendously embarrassing. 

On two occasions this week, I have misread the "extended, open hand" gesture. 

You know the one I mean? 

It looks like a handshake. 

And I automatically assume it means, shake my hand

[ that...shake your hand? I mean...or...over there..?]

In actual fact, it could also mean, pass me your keys, if you're with a mechanic, or please leave via this door, if you just had a meeting with your boss. 


The less said about that, the better. 

But during a goodbye, if the "extended open hand" is not extended, you're left with a bit of a linger. 


There's nothing else to say, but to just walk away seems a bit…unfinished?

Last night I witnessed this enjoyable scene :

Girl: Ok, bye. Nice to meet you.

Guy: Ya, nice to meet you too.

Unfinished Lingering…would hug but…we just met…but wants to let you know it was thought about...

Girl: I can't hug you 'cos you're a Malay...

Guy: O.o 

Girl: [sadly] Yeah...

Guy: What??

Girl: [factual] You're a Malay…you're not allowed to touch girls!


Sometimes it's ok not to say anything...

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