Sunday, 6 November 2011

Babe Asleep?

There is a new game in my life. 

It's called, "Guess the Caller"

The battery for my phone has as good as died. 

But so far I've been too lazy to go buy a new one. 

And my friend offered his old phone as a temporary replacement. 


In a moment of questionable decision making, I chose not to transfer all my numbers to his phone. Because then I'd have to delete them all later, right? Why bother. 

Which means that every time I get a text or a call…I have no idea who it is!!

Hence the game. 

[ooooooh it's you - hi!]

I answer every phone call like a stranger. You'll be surprised how much people have gotten used to caller ID. 

They are confused that I'm confused.

Texting is a bit different though - you have time to guess. 

Some people are easy:

Hi Claire. Flight booked. Just sent you an email. Love Dad.

Others can be guessed based on references to previous conversations:

Hey, what's the plan for Friday?

Seeing as only one plan was made, this simple. 

By this method I have now learned the regular texters - identified by the last 3 digits of their number. 

But then you get the occasional curve ball:

I haven't seen a further confirmation. Will let you know when I do. 

Well. I'm not sure who you are or what you're referring to. But as no action is required on my part, never mind. 

In due course, you will reveal yourself.


But on some occasions, finding the author is a rather more urgent:

Babe asleep?


…who is this??

You know that face that animals do when they hear an unusual noise? I did that. 

Ears pricked up.

My girlfriends don't call me babe.

*raised eyebrows*

How to find out!?!

Resurrect the old phone. 

Sim card back in. 

Plug in charger. 

Switch on. 



I have THINGS to discover!!

Ok, done. 


Simplest method I can think of is to call the number and hang up before it rings - if I have the number saved, it will show the name, right?

So I did. 

And it worked. 

Guess who : my landlord. 


Such a disappointment. 

I should have known. He actually does call me "babe" or "bunny" or other similarly inappropriate names on a regular basis. 

Me: No. Why?

Landlord: The cleaners are coming tomorrow.



  1. not too sure if we make short films out of these material they would be as good as the writings ++++

  2. these blogs are always in my mind as bits of films...if you make the film let me watch it, ok?? (and if you earn millions, cut me in :P )