Monday, 17 October 2011

Continentally Correct

Man: You're German, isn'it?

No. It isn't. 

I mean, I'm not. 

Last week, I received this comment from I gentleman I don't know. Who I'd never even spoken to before. And two things instantly struck me:
1. Why does he think I'm German?

2. Why is he so confident that I'm German?

Then I remembered that this is not an isolated example. I think people around the world like to play, "Guess the Nationality". But in Malaysia, never have the guesses been so confidently incorrect. 

Take for example, the time I was at the Curve. Shopping at the outdoor market.

Man at Stall: Where are you from? Ahh…you're Dutch.

Me: …No…I'm English

Man at Stall: Really? Oh. You look Dutch. 

I do?

Well, no problem, I greatly appreciate that you both managed to put me on the correct continent. 

As a European, that means a lot to me.


Then there was the time I'd been having a fairly lengthy conversation with someone. And finally he said to me:

Talking Person: You're from Australia, right. 

Me: >.<


How did you get that??? 

I don't sound anything like an Aussie.

Me: No.


And then yesterday, I saw that same gentleman from conversation number one. 

He was talking to someone else at the time, but as I walked past he looked me in the eye, smiled and nodded…in that knowing kind of way...and addressed me with confidence…

Man: Diane.
[Imagine him saying it like Sean Connery would, and pointing a finger at me. It was a bit like that.]



This is not my name! 

Who or what is the source of your information?!


But now I have an rather well formed alter-ego: Diane from Germany. 

She may prove useful…

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