Saturday, 29 October 2011

Bra Shopping

The most satisfying shopping trips, for me, involve buying make up or underwear.  

Neither of these items are purchased with much frequency, but they're the kind of things which are both necessary and fun. 

So you don't feel bad when you buy them. 


After a break up, one of my friends went on a pick-me-up shopping spree - RM400 on make up. 

I almost passed out with jealousy. 


But this post is about underwear. 

And I just got totally manhandled in a shopping mall.


I thought Malaysia was a modest country. 

Apparently not so in the bra department. 

Embarrassing item number one - they measure you on the shop floor. 

Fair enough you have your clothes on but still…there's people? Walking around?!

A bit personal.

[what if this guy is walking around??]

Anyway. After this, I gathered a collection of bras to try. 

But they're completely the wrong size (ineffective shop floor measuring).

The attendant went to go change the sizes for me, and when she came back…she didn't leave...

…as if she didn't really believe that the other bras were the wrong size and this time she needed to check that I actually knew how put it on properly. 


This is bordering on normal practice. 

I began to put on the next bra, attempting to maintain some degree of modesty…but she jumped in;

Attendant: Eh, front way. I do for you. 
Me: Well, I…Ok? 

Fine. All modesty gone. 

Or so I thought. 


Bra's aren't instantly in the right place. 

They need minor adjustments - normally a sideways shake will do. 

But what happened next?

She put her hand into the bra and manually adjusted me!


Is this normal???

It was done with such army-efficient precision and speed I had no chance to object. 


...Is that normal?!


I should have bought make up. 


  1. I swear I burst out laughing after reading this. You've got some talest, gurl..However, I would have freaked out if the same happened to me too..I mean, this can't be normal, can it? I somehow doubt it.. But hey, it def makes it blog-worthy.

  2. Haha, you as well?? Actually since posting this A LOT of girls (and guys with sisters/gfs) have said the same thing happened to's not cool but apparently is normal!!

    It's like a Bra-Fitting Recovery Group... :P