Sunday, 17 July 2011


Why do we trust doctors? 

I suppose it's the white coat and all the years of studying. Which gives them a distinct superiority over the rest of us, granted. But at the end of the day they're just people. And this is very concerning, don't you think?

My sister just graduated from medical school (well done you!!). And for the most part I would trust my life to her - she's really smart. But then I remember the time she got locked in a hospital corridor for like…an hour? Or the countless times I've seen her walk down the street and trip over nothing. Or the time she threw a slug at me [this one possibly less relevant]. 

But you get the point. 

I spoke to another recently qualified doctor today, who nonchalantly told me the following;

Doctor: "The first baby I delivered, I dropped it."

Me: "Really?"

Doctor: "Yeah, really."

Me: "On the floor?"

Doctor: "Yeah. it wasn't' far, like, from that chair to the floor." [distance of approx. 1 foot]

Me: "That's quite far…for a baby."

Doctor: "Naaaah, not really. [Justification…] They're really slippery when they come out. They're like eels. I'm serious!"


Apparently the baby was fine…


  1. ...ahahaha, doctor vijay found the blog... then, this makes me wonder if all the safety precautions and worries in life are really necessary..? which gives me an idea for another post...


  2. its was a sairwell. and definitely less than an hour. sorry about the slug