Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Translucent Skin

Not only am I racially white, I am literally, very white. When I stay in England for long enough, especially during winter, I could accurately be described as grey.

Which is partly why I enjoy being here - the sun-induced, healthy-looking skin. In my case this is rarely (ok wait…never) mistaken for an actual tan, but nonetheless, I am happy in the knowledge that for me, it is. 

And then every so often I am reminded: no. I am still the whitest person most people have ever met.

Today for example:

Friend: You have transparent skin.

Me: What?
[Is there a more clever way to respond to statements that are so strange they need repeating…]

Friend: Yah, like a lizard.

Me: A transparent lizard? But you can't see my insides...

Friend: Wait, not transparent…translucent. Your skin is translucent. Like a lizard.

Me: You mean cicak? Are you calling me a cicak?

Friend: Haha, no, it's a good thing. I like white skin. I wish I had white skin. No, I mean, I wish I was fair.
[I'm sure I could write a whole other blog post about that]

Me: Really? But I'm not really sure if translucent is a good thing..?!

Although it kinda sounds like a glowy, shining word, I still think translucent is not really a compliment… :S


  1. you would know already that we Asian women are crazy about translucent skin!! :)

  2. yup!

    but i never heard translucent before..."fair" is the normal word, right? the opposite of, "oh my gosh, i'm so dark" (usually followed by, "eww")


  3. for some reason reading this makes me picture a unicorn

  4. ooh, now it sounds like a compliment!! unicorns! :D