Friday, 22 July 2011

Baggy Pants

For the most part, I consider myself to be quite forward thinking, creative and generally, down with the kids. So with trends such as the baggy pant, sitting just below the butt, undies sticking out…I say go ahead. I think it looks ok. 


At work today, upon seeing a student sporting aforementioned look, my female colleague posed a very pertinent question; "How do they stay up?"

And I thought, "…huh."

That really is a very good question and I don't know why I haven't considered it before. Because if I tried to re-create this look (and maybe I have…?), once the jeans are below the butt…they just slide right off! There's nothing for them to rest on. Everything else gets narrower. Unless you're wearing a belt, but then either a) it's so tight that it squashes all your fat into ugly muffin tops and/or b) it's so tight that you can't move your legs anymore. 

So literally, how?

Enter male colleague. Who demonstrated again, that's it is possible, but couldn't provide a logical reason whyyyy. 

At this point of closer observation it occurred to me, "Maybe it works cos it's higher at the front?"

And then we hit the jackpot. Guys, this may not be news to you, but for me, this was a major revelation to my innocent mind. 

Reply: "No. Well, maybe…guys have a little extra for it to rest on."


Thiiiiink abouuuuuuut iiiiiit…..?

Who would have thought. Baggy pants - only functional for guys. 


  1. Go figure it out...even for me, I can't think of that. It never work for me...

  2. hmmm... could it be that it's not actually THAT low, but that the boxers are higher? to make the illusion that it's really low? i dunno...

  3. ya, maybe in some cases...but the first guy I saw had quite a short t-shirt...and the test-participant confirmed the jeans were all the way below his butt.

    this was no illusion!! hahaha

  4. hahahahaha.... !!
    i can so hear shakina say that.

  5. hahaha, me too!!

    shakina, whatlah? it's science! and i didn't see anything i shouldn't have...


  6. This phenomenon is called "sagging"... Blame it on people like Marky Mark (remember him? Mark Wahlberg now...)! But do you also know that most airlines in the US do not condone this type of "fashion". You either pull them pants up, or you leave the plane! Seriously, Asians (read: CHINESE! LOL!) should NOT attempt this for lack of butt flesh. (OK, shoot me now!)

  7. haha, sagging, what a descriptive term...!

    but i have to disagree about the asian butt flesh...i've seen many good examples :P

  8. interesting discovery ;)