Thursday, 7 July 2011

Cheated by Free Milo Mug

Here comes another milo post. One more and you will discover the depth of my obsession. 

For those in parts of the world who don't know, Milo is like a cross between hot chocolate and horlicks. And when I first arrived here, I hated Milo. Yukky, un-chocolatey milo. 

But now I love it. 

So to indulge my love-affair, I decided to buy a multi-pack of milo sachets for work, to get me through the long, air-conditioned days. Browsing the shelves of Carrefour was a slight trial, as there are many variations. Far more than necessary. Like, "milo with added nutrients" or "milo with extra malt". Whatever. I just want the normal one, thanks. 


Then I saw a NEW version of milo - so new that it comes with FREE gift! 

Instantly sucked in, despite the fact that Milo Sejuk, although a miracle of science, is not what I want to drink inside the fridge that is my office. 

But it comes with a free mug!

And I thought it rather fitting to start my new routine with a correctly branded mug. And they're pretty cool too - I've seen them before and the little picture on the box confirmed it - it's like a glass tankard with the milo logo on. Naise. 

I happily trotted to the counter to pay.

The cashier took my money and reached into the cardboard box where the magical mugs were sitting, waiting...

Excitement rising.

Me: "Wow, my new mug is gonna be SO amazing."

Cashier raises her hand, presenting the mug. 

What is that? 

A miniature milo mug. Literally half the size I was expecting. A child-sized mug. The picture lied. I have been tricked into buying Milo Sejuk to gain a milo-tankard that is actually a thimble.

Severe disappointment. 


  1. Hahaha! this one is...funnaayy!!! turned out it was a small sized mug?! Hehe! chill. I wonder how attractive the packaging design of that milo sejuk is... hmm...

  2. haha, ya!!! glad you enjoyed :) the packaging itself...not so really was all about the free mug...!!

  3. That would have made you more... keliru? (Welcome to Malaysia!) - AIA

  4. HAHAHA TOO FUNNY! I think the Milo Sejuk is for kids!

  5. hehe, thanks mr/miss anonymous!

    leona...for kids ah? ...that would explain the size of the mug...hahaha