Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Dad Moment

Recently my mum came out to visit me. 

This is always fun and the exchange rate is a happy bonus - I become a princess, if only for a week...

Parents: "Dinner for £10 a person? Bargain! Where shall we go tomorrow?"

Me: 0.0

Another bonus during a parental visit, is the mini-trip.

This time, in an escape from British winter (which is basically all year…:P), Mum wanted to sun herself on an island. Unfortunately it was the wrong season for the East Coast, so we ended up in Langkawi (still nice). And although dearest Dad was deprived of the trip himself, he got involved by taking charge of the virtual booking. 

AirAsia. You want anything, you pay for it. This encourages an attitude of: "Well, we don't really need it, do we?" And then all the normal things that people DO need on a flight, like food and luggage, is defiantly self-denied. 

To be fair, the flight from KL to Langkawi is only about 45 minutes, so food and a comfort kit isn't strictly necessary. And apparently, depending on the length of your trip, neither is luggage….

Mum: "Shall we just book one suitcase for the both of us then?"
[Thinking this is already a reasonable reduction from the assumed 15kg each.]

Dad: "What do you want a suitcase for? It's only 2 nights, all you need is a swimming costume and a spare pair of knickers."

Dad philosophy in a nutshell. Just a backpack then..?

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