Friday, 24 June 2011

Milo Fork

Today I made milo at work.

3-in-1 in the cup, then add hot water. It was only at the point of seeing the floating clumps of milo that I realised the need for a stirring utensil. At my previous office, there were spoons. In this newly renovated, shiny, big office, there are no spoons. Only a water cooler. 

Cue rummaging.

Pen? Bit dirty.

Finger? Obviously painful.

Pin? Clearly too small. 

Nothing at my desk then. 

How about someone else's…I know - they guy with the mini-oven on his desk!! If he doesn't have something to stir with, no one will. 

Giant mug? Unhelpful.

Oven pan-handle? …possible.

Fork? YES!

Brilliant. Still in the packaging but the packaging is open. Even better. I steal, go stir my milo and all is well.

Until I notice my blue hand. Blue! All over! How?? 

Answer: Fork. Extremely cheap, blue-handled fork.

How is it possible that someone is allowed to sell items of such poor quality?

Literally, the lightest touch and you're branded with blue, declaring:

"Yes, I stole this fork!"

So. Lesson of the day: don't steal stuff!


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