Thursday, 22 November 2012

Make Up and Homelessness

I went to a Deepavali open house last week. 

Usually I'm quite lazy when it comes to make-up. 

But I was going with my friend who is QUEEN of make up. 

So figured I'd make an effort. 

I put on extra thick eyeliner. 

But it's just a simple open house, so no need for all the other drama-drama make-up. 


Arrived at my friends house & lay in bed while she got ready (it was far too early to be awake on a public holiday…). 

Friend: So…are you gonna wear make-up?

Me: I am wearing make up.

She turned and squinted at me. 


Friend: Come on la, eyeliner is not make up!!

Well…I…oh. Ok. 


A week before that I was at a wedding. 

2 days before the event I suddenly realised I was alone.

: /

Me: Hey - do you have a date?? Can I be your date??

Friend: I do have a date - but it's ok, I'll make him the third wheel for you!


Ok, I accept.


And ooh, who is your date, we have not talked for too long?!

I asked her this question two days later when aforementioned guy disappeared to get drinks for us. 

Friend: [dreamily] Aw…

Me: So. How did you meet??

Friend: Volunteering at the soup kitchen. 

Me: :O
*collapses face down on the table. 

Friend: …I know, right?

Good looking AND cares about homeless people? Sigh…



New plan of action. 

Make up. 

And the soup kitchen. 

...Even as I write that, I realise this plan could go horribly wrong.

But I'm going to ignore that possibility for now.


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