Monday, 3 December 2012

Doctor Rage

When you're too busy, falling sick is an appealing idea. 

A day in bed?

Yes please...

But then you actually get sick and it HURTS and it's incredibly BORING.

This happened last week. 


I suffered through work for 2 days, spread my germs around and then on day 3, collapsed in bed.

I had flu. 

(Actual flu, not just a cold.)

To top off a sucky day, I had to go see the doctor.

I just needed an MC. 

Flu doesn't require drugs, it just needs time. 

But I knew he was gonna sell me drugs. 

This really annoys me.

Me: I'm going to request no antibiotics. 

Friend: Why?

Me: Because they're expensive and they're not necessary. 

Friend: Why?

Me: Because I have flu. And flu is a virus. And antibiotics are for bacterial infections. 

Friend: No, flu isn't always a virus…

Me: Yes it is…

Friend: No, it can be anything.

Me: What?…it's a virus. 

We argued about this for a while and finally agreed that it's not good to take unnecessary antibiotics. 

The usual clinic was closed.

Which made me happy as I don't like that doctor. 

So we went to another and waited 30 minutes. 

Then I went into the consultation room….


Hot doctor!


Here's another thing that really annoys me. 

When you're genuinely sick, you're too sick to get up and see the doctor. 

So you go later, when you're a bit better. 

But by then, you don't seem sick anymore and the doctor thinks your lying to get an MC.


So you have to make a special effort to look sick, even though you're improving. 

My inner monologue was a bit like this: Hot doctor! Oh wait, I'm sick. And deliberately unattractive. Sigh. Give up.

Hot doctor turned out to be a good doctor. 

And I trusted him to prescribe appropriate drugs. 

I left the room.

Friend: So did you ask for no antibiotics?

Me: Um…no. 

Friend: Why?

Me: I was distracted. I didn't ask any questions…


Then the nurse revealed my supplies:
Cough syrup
Drugs for "Pain"
Drugs for "Fever"
Antibiotics for God-only-knows-what.



Betrayed by Hot Doctor!

I marched back into the consulting room. 

Me: Excuse me, hot doctor! Why have you prescribed me all this CRAP?? You know I don't need any of this, right??? Do you know that? You can gave me MC for ONE day and FOURTY BUCKS worth of drugs?? HOW CAN YOU CALL YOURSELF A DOCTORRR!!!!!

...Nah, I didn't really do that. 

But next time I will.

Because I have a great deal of disappointment and rage towards Hot Doctor for selling out like that.

I only took the cough syrup. 

And I got better by myself, in a few days. 



  1. I never thought the $$ is all on the antibiotics, I normally just take it and throw it out. Govt clinic doctors will not prescribe it unnecessarily though

    1. I'll ask them for a breakdown next time... :P

      Ooh...that's interesting. I should find a govt clinic...