Friday, 16 November 2012

A Grand Saga

My friend has deserted me for Canada this month. 

I drove her to the airport. 

But of course, an airport drive is rarely without event. 

Especially when you check-in online.

(Never a good idea in my opinion.)

I arrived at her place at 5pm, with another friend. 

She'd just got in the shower. 


5:30pm - another friend arrived. 

5:45pm - bags in the car.

And finally, close to 6pm, we were on our way. 

Bearing in mind, baggage check-in closes at 7:25pm and boarding starts at 7:50pm.

And we live 1 hour from the airport. 

: /

Now my friend now announces that she has to go and pick up important documents for her thesis, from the nephew of her lecturer. 


But it's ok, it's just near her house.

Friend: Hi, are you there already? You don't know? What can you see? 

It quickly transpired that this boy didn't know our town at all and was on the other side of it.


Friend: Ok, you drive towards us, we'll drive towards you and meet in the middle, ok?

10 minutes later. 

Friend: Ok, where are you now? A big Maybank?

Other friend: *shrugs*

Friend: Some more? ...Beach cafe?

Other friend: What? Beach cafe?! That's where he was meant to be the first time - that's back near your house!

Friend: Whaaaat?

Me: @.@

A tense moment.

I u-turned and we headed back across town. 

10 more minutes.

Friend: What car are you driving? Saga? Ok bye.

Other friend: Number?

Me: Colour?

Friend: Oh…this boy… :s

Too distracted. 

We DASH through the traffic to finally meet him at a petrol station.

Other Friend 2: There! Saga!

New, shiny, red Saga.

Other friend: I wonder what he looks like…

Friend: Ok, drive really close so Other Friend 2 can just take the papers and throw this through the window.

(She'd brought him a token chocolate bar).

I cruised up, stopping right next to the car. 


The next part was in SLO-MO…

Other friend 2 drops her finger to the "open window" button. 

We turn to peer into the car.

He's facing the other way.

But something's wrong…

…he looks older and fatter than he sounded…


...there's someone else in the car with him…

…wearing tudung?

The man turns…


We all scream!

Other Friend 2 PULLS her hand dramatically away from the window.

Other Friend 2: OH MY GOODNESSSS! Look what you almost made me dooo!!

Friend: Oh nooooo, where is he?!

Other Friend: There! Old saga!

Sure enough, other side of the car is an old, silver saga. 

[old saga]

Out jumps a small boy.  


Documents & chocolate exchanged. 

Rally driving to the airport. 

Miraculously, we made it. 


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