Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Gili Islands: Drugs and Bicycles

It's after dinner and we're making our way back to our room. 

We hired cute bicycles which is way more fun than walking. 

We dismount [good word]  to browse in a few shops along the way.

After one shop, as we're climbing back on, there's a happy looking guy sitting on the wall outside.

In heavily accented English, 

Drugs Guy: Wacky Backy?

Friend: ...What's he saying?

She thinks it's Bahasa. 

Drugs Guy: Weed?

It's English. 

Friend: OH. 

Me: Hahahahaa

Drugs Guy: Shrooms?

Me: Not today…

[ticket to the moon?]

Drugs Guy: Maybe today you try, no need to pay. 

Me: No. It's ok. 

Drugs Guy: Where you from? England or English?



Friend: Too many shrooms…

We start to cycle away.

Drugs Guy: You from Burnley?

Us: :O


I don't know if this was just a coincidence that some guy wasn't looking where he was going or if the MIND BLOWING randomness of an Indonesian drug dealer knowing that the totally insignificant town of Burnley exists was too much hilarity, but at that exact moment, my friend had a head on collision with another cyclist. 

I simply watched and cried with laughter. 

Although it was almost an genuine problem, as her bike chain came off. 

: /

Broken bike.

We were rescued by super-lovely massage ladies who rushed to help and, with the assistance of a passing local boy, got the chain back on. 

Such fun. 

Who needs drugs?

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