Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Gili Islands: Bicycles and Flash Lights

Another cycling adventure!

We went for a sunset dinner - on the beach, overlooking a distant Bali. 

It was too beautiful. 

Colourful skies. 

White sand. 

Ibiza-lounge chill out music. 

Coconuts & delicious food. 

Fire dancing. 


Then we had to go home. 

By now, this underpopulated half of the island was pitch black. 

Totally dark. 

We started to cycle and I happened to look up. 

The stars were INCREDIBLE!

[i didn't even try to take a picture.]


10 thousand more than I've ever seen. 

Imagine the most starry sky you've seen - then throw glitter into that picture. 

Me: Chap….

I had to stop.

Me: Look at the stars...

Friend: Keep moving!



It was a little scary. 

Then suddenly out of the darkness came the blinding lights of a (literally) rampaging horse-drawn carriage.

Nearly killed us.

We shriek and dive to the side of the road as the horse and it's massive, bouncing load narrowly miss swiping us off the planet. 

Friend: O.O

Me: O.O

We don't wanna die and we are a bit invisible.

Friend: Right chap, lets do this.  

Cycling-in-the-dark continues. 

We soon cross paths with a cyclist riding in the opposite direction. 

He has a torch which he generously shines on the ground between us and we do not crash. 


Cyclist: [mumble, mumble]…flashlight. 

How nice!

Us: Thank you!! :D

Cyclist: No, I said YOU NEED TO GET a flashlight. 



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