Friday, 27 January 2012

The Lazy Blogger & The Weird Note

There's a lot to be said for momentum. 

Lose it…and it's gone. 

And it takes a FAT amount of effort to get it back.

I talk about myself and "the blog".

Going on holiday for almost a month and then coming back to Chinese New Year = a very, very long break from normal life and thus, blogging. 

I just stopped taking notes about the funny stuff that happened…

So lazy. 

It was gonna take a significantly entertaining event to bring me back.

Or perhaps, the discovery of a little, yellow note…

[the note. blurred so you can't see my scraaaawling handwriting]

Yes, in my state of lazy, I took a book off my shelf and started reading. 

And then I found the page marker from where I'd stopped reading it once before. 

It took a while before I noticed the yellow paper was folded in half…and contained writing! 

What a treasure!

Finding an old note is possibly better than finding money…


It said some very strange things. Which to be fair, other people said, not me. 

But still;

"oh! the merangues!"

You mean meringues. Burning?

"where's joe?"

My cousin…lost? 

"the 1960'ssssssss"

I suppose the multiple 's's are significant. Though I'm not sure why.

"a keg for a sex machine"


A what…for a what? Wha-? Ha-? Wh-?

And then my personal favourite, 

"is that the first gay we've had in the house?"

…Did someone I know actually say that? Maybe I dreamt it?


Turns out though, you can't just write notes and forget about them. 

You have to blog them. 

Or when you find them later, they're just super-weird. 


"They're alright under that though. Well…most of them are."



  1. Hahahaha!! "They're alright under that though. Well…most of them are."

    I lost it.

    Also gay as a noun is always funny

    1. Ya, I hope "they" were ok in the end...