Friday, 12 August 2011

Taste Bud Evolution

Last night I had a lazy evening at home and made an old time favourite : beans on toast. Not the fake kind either - genuine Heinz. I'm not gonna lie, I was excited. 

Until I ate it. 

I was happily munching through but after a few bites I realised…this sucks. What? It tastes of nothing? I used to love this!! A staple food!!

I did an emergency-mental-scan of other recently observed facts: I ate nasi lemak and finished the sambal…I added curry to my rice, not just dhal…my fried rice was too bland without the chilli-infused soy (though it's not yet necessary to eat the actual chillis…). 

And it hit me : finally, after 2 years, my taste buds are adapting. 

Evolving, if you will. 

I have mixed feelings about this - on the one hand, I have extreme pride in my new spice-tolerating tongue (I was always the girl who couldn't even handle the korma) but on the other,  I'm a bit devastated that all the English food that I love so much will now have to be covered in chilli sauce :(

Who am I???


  1. Who are you? A keliru minah salleh! LOL! Between you and I, you have a more Malaysian tongue than me! I hate putting chilli sauce on my food, and I even eat my sate WITHOUT its gravy! An ex-colleague (die hard mamak lover) once got ticked off by a chef in a New York restaurant because he asked for chilli sauce to go with his steak. Man, you just don't do that... not at a posh, NYC restaurant, you don't! That's like committing a major sin! Seriously, I don't know whether to feel happy for you, or not... Now I am keliru! Contagious, your keliru-ness! - AIA

  2. Whaaaaaat, satay without the satayyy??? Now that is madness...

    Sorry for making you keliru too... :P