Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Busted Suitcase

After a glorious stint in Lombok, my friend and I flew back to Bali. 

Settled into our cute new hotel.

Seriously cute - only 8 rooms in the whole place. 

Throw all my loose things on the bed. 

Put down the suitcase so I can hunt for shower items.

It is HOT!

I always lock my suitcase with a small padlock. 

For security reasons. 



Me: I can't find the key!

Friend: What?

Key in pocket for safety.
Airport security scanner. 
Put key in little box.
Put lots of other things in little box.
Through scanner.
Remove items. 
Tiny key? No memory. 
**end flashback**


I've locked myself out of the bag. 


Friend: Slice it open?

Me: Yea….I was gonna buy a new one anyway…

The bag basically disintegrated in the Gili Islands. 

The handle fell off so when you roll it you have to bend like a hunchback.

But it's still useful.

Me: Hmm…maybe I'll try downstairs first...

I take the bag down to the lobby, quietly confident that the very friendly guys working at the hotel will have some useful skills.

Me: Hai...I have a problem.

Hotel Guy: Ya, what problem?

I put my bag on the chair and show him the lock.

Me: Kunci hilang. 

Hotel Guy: Kunci hilang?!

Me: Ya. 

Hotel Guy: The key is where?

Me: I don't know?? [d'uh - hilang, la...] At the airport, maybe?

Hotel Guy: O.O

He confers with his hotel friend - they say I can go to a shop tomorrow and open it - but then remember that it's a religious holiday and everything will be closed.

Hotel Guy: Wait. Maybe we try…

They disappear into a back room.

Come back with a screw-driver. 

After some lively discussion, a few attempts to get the angle right and a couple of whacks,


The lock snaps open. 

[well you were a waste of money. if it's THAT easy to open you]

Me: YAY! Thank you :) :)

Hotel Guy: Ok :)

I take the bag back upstairs and get out my things. 

But all that carrying has made me lazy. 

I swipe everything off the bed so I can lie down. 


Me: Chap…look what I found…

[hello there]

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